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Munna Maharaj A name, a craze, a tradition


Munna Maharaj started off as a household name in 1978 in Kolkata and over time grew into a renowned Indian catering giant, serving elite clientele. We believe in making our guests feel like royalty dining in unprecedented lavishness by providing premium food and service. Having a client forward approach, we go above and beyond everything you ask for. Delivering remarkable quality presented with finesse, we have over 40+ years garnered a reputation of excellence, but stay truly humbled and eager to explore, improve, and continuously grow. We strive to exceed all expectations and provide a memorable experience that our guests fondly recall for years.

Munna Maharaj's Legacy

Mr. Dipak Kumar Singh alias Munna Maharaj started an apprenticeship under his father who was a local Mithai vendor working out of the streets of Burra Bazar in Kolkata at a tender age of seven. By age fourteen, he set off on his own without any capital, mentor, or support, making Mithai and selling door-to-door. Quickly he expanded his repertoire to become a traditional Halwai for hire, cooking in homes for events and festivities.

Gifted with creativity and magic in his hands, he started innovating and presented to the crowd dishes unseen by the hands of a Halwai before. Vegetarian food being his forte, he recreated international delicacies to suit the Indian palette and added it to the Indian wedding catering menu which earlier limited itself to traditional cuisines. By 1985, Munna Maharaj became the most sought-after caterer in India for grand weddings. The name Munna Maharaj started to resonate with unmatched excellence. Beyond the impeccable service and extraordinary taste, it was the constant innovation and Munna’s adaptive style that excelled his growth and fame. He kept introducing new concepts and items in his work, finding inspiration with local and international food.

In 2004, his work went abroad, perhaps being the first Indian caterer doing a one of a kind, large scale, lavish destination wedding in Europe. Since then, he has worked across the globe for Indian and foreign clientele. Munna’ji in essence has seen the Indian catering industry from its growing stage to the giant that it is today. His prowess particularly with Mithaai and Indian cuisines is unmatched, keeping him at the top of his game for 40 years now. When asked what he credits his brilliance to, he says it’s his devotion to the craft and dedication to keep improving himself; he regards his work with great reverence and is grateful for every opportunity to showcase his true passion that is serving excellent food.

What sets Munna Maharaj apart

• Each event is a bespoke affair with clients being overlooked by Munna’ji personally .

• Specially curated innovative dishes made with any ingredient, cuisine, or style you desire by Munna’ji himself or renowned guest Chefs

• Experts flown in from across the globe for specialty add-ons to your menut Chefs.

• Strong in-house team with seasoned head chefs trained by Munna’ji having 20+ years of experience in the company.

• Industry dominance and expansive network to get you connected to venues and ensure your events flow smoothly.

• ISO certified standards and procedures established.


Experience excellence in food and service rooted in tradition and the warm Indian approach to hospitality. We provide an end-to-end service for all your food requirements and present it to you in an impeccable and lavish way. excellence in food and service rooted in tradition and the warm Indian approach to hospitality.

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We have now stepped into the packaged food manufacturing sector to bring the Munna Maharaj taste in ‘convenience food’ formats. Know more about our venture- Curry Cullture.

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